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There are two different routes you can take if you are looking to get a divorce: You can file contested or uncontested.

A contested divorce is what most people think of when they hear the word "divorce." In a contested divorce, your case will be taken to court and a Virginia family law judge will make the final decisions on issues that you and your spouse cannot agree on. An uncontested divorce is ideal for spouses who completely agree on all the major aspects of their divorce and who simply need someone to take care of the details.

Attorney Lewis Lowery can help ensure your uncontested divorce is finalized quickly and painlessly so you can move forward with your life. With 35+ years of legal experience, Attorney Lowery has worked on countless family law cases in Fredericksburg and can provide sound legal counsel for couples considering an uncontested divorce.

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Who Qualifies for an Uncontested Divorce in Virginia?

When both parties agree on all the basic terms of their separation, they may be able to file an uncontested divorce.

This means the couple has discussed and agreed on major divorce matters like:

Our experienced Virginia divorce attorney can help with smaller details, but the basics should already be settled to both spouses’ satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?

Filing an uncontested divorce can be much simpler than a contested one. Because the basics have already been agreed upon, the divorcing couple only has to file the paperwork. With everything already settled, the uncontested divorce process will typically be much shorter than a contested divorce, and likely less challenging. By spending less time in court, it will likely be easier for the married couple to have a clean break and could prevent unnecessary conflict.

Couples with children may also find an uncontested divorce to be a better decision because it could potentially be less stressful for their kids. With a shorter and more amicable divorce process, you can both go on with your separate lives more quickly and introduce your children to their new schedule without any drawn-out court dates to work around.

It is also less expensive to choose an uncontested divorce. If you already have a signed marital separation and property settlement agreement, we can handle your case for a flat fee of $900, which includes the cost of the clerk’s filing fee.

How Our Virginia Divorce Attorney Can Help

Choosing to end a marriage is a difficult decision that is often followed by even more choices for the couple to make. If you and your spouse are interested in an uncontested divorce, our uncontested divorce attorneys want to help you finalize the separation effectively.

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